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Counseling For All


What to Expect

Counseling is for everyone. It is a process—just like a new school or new job. You begin by getting to know your therapist and telling your therapist a little about yourself. Together, you will establish rules/boundaries that make you comfortable; then your counseling experience is entirely up to you! Every session is different, but after your first few sessions, you will begin to relax as you and your counselor discover a rhythm that works for you.

Counseling is organic and moves at a pace that you decide.  It can be stop-and-go, consistent every week, or as-needed. The beauty of this process is that you get to direct it, own it, and experience the benefits firsthand. Your counselor will meet you where you are, welcome you, and lead you through this journey of counseling—however long or short it might be.

You can talk about anything in counseling. Sometimes you may do art, play a game, or even move or walk around. Our counselors are professionally trained to support you through difficult events or feelings. They encourage you when life is good, and they serve as a sounding board when you’re struggling. Your counselor is not there to boss you around, tell you what to do, or play God in your life. They are here to create a safe place for you to be yourself, share what you want to share, and get support, perspective, and direction. Your counselor is for you and your good all the time.

It is powerful when people choose to seek health, healing, and hope in their lives. We want to drive transformation in individuals, couples, families, schools, and communities. At Turning Point, you will receive excellent care that propels you toward your goals, healing, and growth