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Why Counseling?

A Message from the Executive Director

And what is counseling anyway?

Many movies portray counseling or support groups with humor or extreme exaggeration, but I want to encourage you by saying counseling is much, much more than that. Our counselors aren’t looking to “read your mind;” they’re using theories and techniques to help you understand yourself better. Change happens in so many ways, and each counselor you meet will have unique ideas and strategies for initiating that change.

Even professional counselors have counselors. One of my supervisors always told me, “Every good therapist has a therapist.” If we can do it, you can do it, too.

Trust me, I wouldn’t recommend counseling
if I didn’t know that it works.

The last few items I want you to know about counseling come from personal experience. Here’s how you can make counseling healthy for you:

1. Counseling is ALL about you—so take advantage of it. Your counselor will guide you and explain some limits, but after that you have the freedom to talk about whatever you want.

2. It might take a few weeks to determine whether your counselor will be a “fit” for you. Some counselors fit clients better than others. It’s OKAY if you don’t like your first counselor. If you don’t feel like you can be yourself with your counselor, be honest—and see if you can get a referral to someone who might fit better.

3. Always be honest in your sessions. It’s the most important thing you can do for your counselor. I love when my clients tell me they’re terrified about being in counseling because that’s an authentic place to start, and we can work forward from there. Don’t be afraid of offending your counselor—just be truthful.

Remember, your counseling decision is all up to you. Seek out some advice from those close to you, but remember that counselors are there to assist you. Don’t be discouraged if it takes some time for you to feel ready. When you are ready, you’ll know it’s time to get started!