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Welcome to
Turning Point!

We're glad you're here. Your journey matters.


Thinking About Counseling?

Counseling can start at any time; there isn’t a right or wrong way to start the journey. Today can be your day.

If you are new or unsure about entering counseling, take the chance—we promise it’s not as scary as it might sound!

*We are currently experiencing a high volume of new clients.  If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please submit the Book An Appointment button with your information and our Office Manager will contact you via phone as soon as availability allows.
Check appointment availability on our Client Portal.

Counseling Services

It is powerful when people choose to seek health, healing, and hope in their lives. We want to drive transformation in individuals, couples, families, schools, and communities. At Turning Point, you will receive excellent care that propels you toward your goals, healing, and growth.

Counseling Services

Find My Counselor

Turning Point has a talented team of men and women committed to working with you through your counseling experience. From our welcome team at the front desk to the counselors themselves, a friendly face will be there every step of the way.

Find a Counselor

Can I Afford Counseling?

Yes! Turning Point has multiple ways you can pay for counseling and a unique model that makes it affordable for all. And remember, once you start counseling, you can stop at any time. You are not locked into a certain amount of sessions and you pay as you go, usually at the time of session.

Costs & Fees

Book My First Session

We are honored you’ve considered us and hope we can be the right fit for you. Now that you’ve taken a look around, book your first session to get started and learn what you can expect for your first visit. The process is super simple, and we will walk you through each step!

Book a Session

We hope everyone who comes to us experiences their own "turning point"— a moment of clarity and hope that has life-changing power.

Our team meets people where they are, welcomes them, forms relationships with them, and helps them reach any number of their goals by offering them a safe space to decompress, grow, or simply talk to someone who cares.