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Corporate Partnerships

Does your company or business offer counseling for your employees? If not, consider joining our corporate partners!

We will work directly with a representative from your company to provide counseling services confidentially to your employees.

We believe productivity, culture, and the health of businesses is strengthened by leadership that values the support of its team.  Counseling is a huge asset for all businesses.  We would love to partner with you!

Become a Corporate Sponsor

For our corporate / business partners, we are pleased to offer our services to better strengthen your employees and your company.

Corporate Partners can partner in multiple ways:

  1. One-time or monthly donations to help scholarship sessions for employees at free or discounted cost.
  2. Tax deductible gifts to help support the overall mission of TPI while keeping costs for services low and affordable.
  3. Customized consultation or training for specific company goals or employee needs.
  4. Education:  Teaching team members and employees that their mental health matters… investing in the self creates good for the individual and all around them.

If you’re ready to start the partnership process, get in touch with us today!