Corporate Partnerships

Does your company or business offer counseling for your employees? If not, consider joining our corporate partners!

We will work directly with a representative from your company to provide counseling services confidentially to your employees. Keep giving back to the community while providing a credit of free counseling sessions for your team!

Become a Corporate Sponsor

For our corporate / business partners, we are pleased to offer the following program to their employees:

Donation Amount Counseling Credit
$500 $125
$1000 $250
$1500 $375
$2000 $500
$2500 $625
$3000 $750
$3500 $875
$4000 $1000
$4500 $1125
$5000 $1250
$5500 $1375
$6000 $1500
$6500 $1625
$7000 $1750
$7500 $1875
$8000 $2000
$8500 $2150
$9000 $2250
$9500 $2375
$10,000+ $2500

Gifts in excess of $10,000 (always welcome!) will allow partners the opportunity to help us develop a specific program toward meeting their needs.

Counseling credits can be used for employees to cover co-pays or the full cost of $110 per session in cases where insurance coverage is not an option. Insurance reimbursement above the $110 rate will be used by Turning Point to help cover the cost of program administration.

Once the credit is exhausted, Turning Point will send a letter of notification to the organization. In this event, our partners are encouraged to continue covering any additional sessions that may be required. In situations where this is not possible, our original sliding scale will go into effect.

If your organization has a unique insurance and/or reimbursement program, please contact us with details.

Clients will be required to state the business they represent in order for our office team to apply credits to the appropriate organization.

All credits are good for one year following the date of the corporate / business donation.

If you’re ready to start the partnership process, get in touch with us today!