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Who We Are

Turning Point, Inc. is a multi-specialty counseling group founded in 2014. We are a 501(c)3 (not-for-profit) counseling center located in the heart of North Webster, IN. We serve clients within an hour radius in every direction and seek to be located centrally to make transportation easier from all directions for our clients.

Our team and board are a collection of talented and passionate men and women who care about seeing lives changed through many forms of counseling, groups, classes, and training sessions.

We utilize a biopsychosocial-spiritual theoretical approach—meaning we look at helping clients in all major domains of their lives.

Feel free to ask us questions about counseling! If we aren’t what you need, we’ll point you in the right direction—wherever it might be.

Meeting Clients Where They Are

At TPI, our goal is to meet clients where they are at, welcome them, form relationships with them, and begin to help them reach their goals, whatever they may be. We commit to providing excellent services with the highest level of ethical and professional conduct. We are privileged to be able to join with people on their journeys and share in their experience as we walk with them through whatever they may bring into our office.

We value the beauty of difference and equality as we walk alongside our clients.

We are blessed and thankful for our many supporters and donors. We offer a cost-friendly service that rivals the cheapest in the state as we seek to give all who desire services the opportunity to obtain them. Thank you for your prayers, support, donations, and encouragement. This service isn’t possible without those who have committed to supporting the cause. Most of all, we thank our clients. It is a powerful choice when someone chooses to seek health, healing, and hope. Our goal is for transformation—and to see that transformation to spread in couples, families, schools, and communities.