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Kari Jenkins, MSW, LCSW, AC


Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Autism Certified
Master of Social Work: Indiana University South Bend
Bachelor of Science: Addictions Counseling, Indiana Wesleyan University

Kari is a diverse, talented, and cerebral therapist who has the gift of connection and creating safe spaces for growth. Once you spend some time with Kari, you will see she is gifted in making you feel at home, welcomed, and valued. Kari has a variety of experiences that have influenced her journey as a social worker and therapist. She is excellent with children, teens, parents, families, and much more.

Kari has worked at a residential program, a drug and alcohol detox program, a shelter for survivors of abuse, and an outpatient community mental health center to expand her knowledge in the field. This diversity in experiences has given her powerful insight into issues such as substance use, sexually maladaptive behaviors, trauma, adolescent behavioral issues, depression, anxiety, and neurodiverse conditions such as autism and ADHD.

“I believe that under the right conditions the bent of creation is toward growth. To lend action to that ideology, my first priority as a therapist is to create the right conditions for healing—space that is sacred and safe, space to be where you are just as you are.”